Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fantstic year


        This year has been an exciting year so far! We have really been blessed. We opened up in March 2012, and from then until now, we have achieved many accomplishments. From Tia Michelle and Jalon Blacc assisted with Khris Kourtesi, Rock, Mike, and Chazzam with completing their albums, to creating a compilation album. We have also had Tia Michelle, Jalon Blacc and Michelle Latimer (CEO of HamTrackz Productions) featured in magazines, blogs and other outlets...and the artists haven't even been on board a year yet. We also gained the attention of Glory 2 Glory Records to assist LIVRE' with branding and booking. 

I want to personally thank everyone thus far for all the hard work that we have put in. If it wasn't for everyone within and outside individuals we wouldn't have came this far.We want to thank Dunia Magazine, Performer, Urban Culture Magazine, Love 860 AM, Music Now Magazine, Glory 2 Glory Records, Mbk Entertainment, and everyone else for all the love and support.

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