Saturday, October 6, 2012

Introducing Q.U.A.Z

Raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Q.U.A.Z. (Quickly United at Zion), was inspired to become a rapper after performing in a local talent show in 2002. He easily caught the crowd’s attention with his free-style over rapper Ludacris’s “Southern Hospitality”. It was in that moment he was assured; he was certain that he could begin his journey of becoming a rapper without having to compromise his beliefs. His dislike for the genre’s vulgarity is what has inspired his faith-driven music. He is successfully tearing down the barriers that separate Christian rap from hip-hop’s current form. “If it doesn’t match up to what I believe in, then it will not be spoken.” His style emphasizes messages of verbal skill, life lessons, unity, and social issues.Q.U.A.Z. has later mentioned in reference to his music, saying Q.U.A.Z. met underground D.J., Stacey Peyton, and better known as D.J. Destiny; whom he often refers to as his “mentor.” The two crossed paths at their church and discovered they shared a mutual passion for hip-hop music. He later took Q.U.A.Z. under his guidance and taught him how to reflect on the original elements of hip-hop as well as, how to evolve as the artistic culture of hip-hop continues to. 

He has been nominated for Best Male Rapper in the 2011 DMV Awards, headlined for the The Million Heir’s Ball (Virginia), and the Southern Entertainment Awards (Memphis, TN). He has also opened for Wale, and performed at the NOVA in virginia. Q.U.A.Z. remains inspired by the artistic form of rap music and continues to make his contribution to hip-hop by providing a different yet fresh approach. While reflecting on the admiration of his music, the rapper mentioned “You can’t say that you’re inspired to do something if you don’t have love for it.” 


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