Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Congradulations to JaLon Blac and Tia Michelle's nominations

The screams in the office was ear wrenching when both Tia Michelle and JaLon Blac checked the GA Music Award website noticing their names on the site. They both have albums released online and have been performing at multiple shows, radio interviews and more!

McCarthy attended Ft. Valley St University for 2 1/2 years, but after the birth of his daughter in 2000, he dropped out of school and began working a 9 to 5 as surgical technician, but he always felt as thought his life was meant for more. After losing his job due to "cutbacks", he found himself going from mediocre job to mediocre job, giving him this perspective on life...
"At any job, two things will always be true. You will always have to answer to some one else, and you will never truly be in control of your destiny or money making potential."

It was at this point he began to think of ways to escape the poverty and financial bindings that he saw so many of his family and friends falling victim to. So he began a life chasing the dream of being financially independent. It wasn't until a chance encounter with a local producer from Macon that JaLon realized that music could be his launching pad to escape the pit falls of life as an "independent pharmaceutical rep".
Tia Michelle was born and raised in Miami, Florida. "When I was 17, a friend dared me to try out for my high school’s biggest talent show/pageant. When I was called up I jumped on stage and without fear sang like I was singing in the shower. Once my song ended I looked out to a crowd of stunned onlookers who didn’t know my name much less that I could sing. Then slowly smiles begin to spread across each one of those stunned faces and whispers of “wow” seeped through the silence and that was the moment I knew I had something in me that I could share and in that moment I found my true purpose. SINGING. Oh yeah, I also went on the win that pageant."

After countless years of doing open mic's, showcases, and opening acts all over the southeastern US, both JaLon Blac and Tia Michelle came into contact with Chazzarri Tolbert (Producer / SongWriter for Hamtracks Productions) and Michelle Latimer (CEO of HamTrackz Productions) and everything seemed to change. Tia Michelle performed at events such as STRUT YOUR VOTE (Atlanta), and is a featured artist at the Taste of Indianapolis. JaLon Blac is a featured artist at the Savannah Urban Festival (April 21), and will be opening up for some artists. Both albums are available on iTunes and AmazonMP3.

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